Friday, Unfuckening and Chat

I'm going to write my daily tale [and this blog, natch] before I set myself the task of cleaning the yuck out of the catio.

I have already made and consumed The Bikkie.

I have already done the meme in the Fediverse.

The only offering left is the daily tale.

I may stir myself towards a duck, today. I may do some work on a map. I may even write or contribute to a chapter.

Chapter count: About to commence Chapter 298 of A Devil's Tale. I am definitely going to reach 365 chapters on this firkin thing.

Lack of ashwagandha lead to some anxiety spikes, but after some consultation with the experts, the new meds are rebalanced with the ashwagandha and all is well.

The anxiety is at an ebb, but the ashwagandha wears off sometime when I'm sleeping. Just another reminder for me to take my diddly dang meds.

I'm procrastinating myself out of cleaning and I know it. Tally ho, or tarry ho, it must all be done.