Challenge #03848-J196: Fit the Environment

They had been a CEO, but thanks to an exploding sun, their empire was ruined. They, grudgingly, allowed the CRC to rescue their living resources as they were not QUITE as heartless as some of their ilk. But man, they'd never been this tired, their feet never hurt this much, they'd not worked this hard before. Is manual labor really this harsh? They have a lot of thinking to do. -- Anon Guest

Everyone starts the same in the Alliance. You get your needs seen to and then you work for your wants. If what he believed was true, he should have risen to a position of authority in a matter of weeks.

Evidently, Kampion Koenig had believed lies his entire life. It had been three Standard Months[1] and he was still hustling low-skill jobs for a little extra. Meanwhile, former resources were earning extra perks with things they created in one way or another.

It was this or incinerating to death with millions of his employees. Well. Former employees, now. Weeks like this last one made him wonder if it was worth it.

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