Wednesday: Ranting Due and Shenanigans

I'm squeezing productivity out of my minutes available this morning. I have a two-hour round trip commencing in a few minutes, followed by shopping for varied essentials. Then there's the time window to wedge in the rest of my offerings today.

When Mayhem moves to part-time, following his training, we'll both have a schedule to operate with.

This is more planning than I'm used to.

I'm halfway tempted to talk about scheduling issues this week. I am NOT going grumpy again. I'll figure out something to be positive about.

I do, after all, have a lot of time to think.

I'll have to stay up later tonight. Going straight to bed after getting Mayhem home resulted in me waking up at midnight. I tried to catch adequate rest before dawn, but... nope.

Thank grop for caffeine tubes.

I'll be all right. I know what to do to drive safe when I've already been awake at the wee small hours.