Life Saving

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Challenge #02030-E206: But Not My Friend

“I refuse to let you die”

-- A surprisingly common (and even more surprisingly functional) human phrase.

More lives than can be counted have been saved due to this statement. -- Anon Guest

Flaax had expected to die. That was what happened when the Vorax attacked. People died. Civilisations ended. If one was lucky, wreckage containing last messages to loved ones could be found after the fact.

And then the Humans became part of the Galactic landscape, so to speak. They hunted the Vorax. They protected unarmed vessels from scout/raiders. They signed on as crewmembers in the Edge Territories. And they were shockingly effective. Like this one, who had just bullied Flaax into living again. This, despite knowing next to nothing of Medik procedures.

"Taking lazy hour," said Human Juff in GalStand Simple. She was draping a warming blanket over Flaax and setting it to optimal temperature maintenance mode. "Self giving adrenaline. You being much shaking for big time."

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