Challenge #04122-K104: Fragile Goods

"You're worthy of life."

"But they said I was worthless."

"You're alive, now, are you not?"

"Yes... I am."

"My job is to make things un-alive."

"But... you didn't kill me."

"Because you're worthy to keep living. You just need their help to heal." -- Lessons

They wore a pretty plaid dress, at least on first glance. A second glance would reveal that the overlaying lines were in black, red, and yellow. Pax Humanis hazard colours. The other thing that stood out was their nice, clean, white elbow-length gloves. Only close inspection would reveal that these materials were miso-- and hydro-- phobic.

This is Layla. They're a killer working for Pax Humanis. Currently, they're speaking to one of their victim's former 'pets'.

A better word would be 'victims'.

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