Challenge #04205-K187: Cut Out

NEVER mess with a human who's got nothing left to lose. You'll be lucky if it's just your life they take from you to get everything back. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This work contains copious references to domestic abuse, as well as violence and murder]

Their god told them that vengeance belonged to the divine. If they had faith, then the deity would see to it that terrible people got what they deserved. Unfortunately for the divine, the Humans that worship it are impatient.

Many Humans contain a great anger, but stop themselves from acting on it. Some rare few lose any reason to contain themselves.

When all love has been hollowed out of a life, all that's left is hate. And in those cases, there is only one consequence: someone is going to die. In this case of adult versus abused and weak child, one might be justified in predicting the winner. One's justification is entirely wrong.

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