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Challenge #03579-I290: Rewarded Benevolence

They'd lived most of their lives scratching up just enough Time to survive, even with the jobs they took on. Now they, and their beloved "fluffies" had incorporated because so much Time was rolling in by the decades they didn't know what to do with it. Then came the Idea! A charity, carefully disguised, siphoning time off to Dereggers who were struggling just to survive. Giving them a chance to escape the oppression they suffered.

It is from this. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03509-i221-big-thoughts-in-small-steps -- Anon Guest

"So there's loads of others like us, right? Well. How we were before Planet Flak'dup[1]. Even after we pay our taxes, there's still huge amounts of Time rolling in. We have, they need, it should be easy, right? Give to those who really need. Like all those Dereggers suffering under med bills."

They still had to incorporate and secure licensing rights for the planetary chemistry and overall biota of Planet Flak'dup. Securing any and all volatile biologicals against anyone wanting to use them as weaponry. They insisted on all the planetary resources being used for benefit, not detriment. After what happened to Kaat, they could not do otherwise.

It was an enormous amount of Time. They had to do something with it, and alleviating suffering sounded like a fantastic idea.

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