Challenge #04129-K111: Spiralling Upwards

''There was only one problem.'''

'''"What do you mean the CRC is paying us Years per freed citizen?" Kaat yawped. "These guys are making it worse!"'''

They hit upon a wondrous idea to use all those funds the CRC was paying them to try to alleviate the burden of having too much Time. They found an uninhabited, fairly young and safe, planet, paid to have it in their name, made sure all refugees had a safe, comfortable, home and job there, and then asked the Alliance to help them run it so that the citizenry. In this way, their own needs were met, and they could still find a way to use the money to keep helping others. Too much money is scary, but helping others felt great! -- Anon Guest

Planet wide respite care. What a concept. A nice, peaceful Havenworld with every possible amenity and an in-residence community of Mediks and Therapists. And a planetary defence system guaranteed to incapacitate any hostile forces.

Given what kind of people are taken to that planet, they need the defences.

It's a system owned by Fairy Goodparent Corporation. An organisation that rescues and rehabilitated Dereggers formerly under the hefty thumb of debt. It's self-funding to a ridiculous degree. The money used to buy debt and ship out rescued Dereggers was refunded in full by the CRC... with more Time than it cost to get them out.

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