Sunday, Data Transfer Woes

It's raining. My left heel is in Fuck You Mode(tm) and I am trying every single method I can to move my tab hoard to the new Linux layout.

I have to rebuild the tab hoard I used to have on my laptop, but that's small beans.

I'm currently using my lappy for the instructions and going through the latest in a long line of alternatives to do the thing. I want to make sure ALL my widows and ALL their tabs are moved into the new digs.

Which is going to take a solid while because - ye gods - I had a lot of tabs and windows open and just lying around.

As for my Fuck You Foot... I've taken to walking around with a cane to help keep the weight off it for the meanwhile. It helps it not get worse. Which... is better than nothing.

There are just some days in which I do not have the time for my preventative measures. And that sucks for me.

At least I know WHY it's hurting. And I might be able to relieve it with some retroactive actions at a later date.

On the plus side, I had a lovely sesh with the international maniacs, and a really good sleep thereafter. I shall have my offerings for you reasonably soon (I hope) and I may be inspired to go fetch myself a treato.

We'll see how the transfer goes.