We'Re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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Saturday, Parkrun, New Rig, and SHENANIGANS GALORE

My morning has been complicated by the Global Blue Screen of Doom.

  • Because Windoze had a failure of a security upgrade, lots of Windoze-based systems no worky no more
  • Which includes the local 7-11
  • Where I went to get petrol before the commute to parkrun
  • Advised to go to a different servo, but I went to a different-different servo where I also picked up snacks for Beloved and Miss Chaos
  • And it also took me a solid minute to figure out the pumps at the other servo
  • So we were a little bit late to parkrun
  • Which greatly upset Miss Chaos

She gets very dramatic about being late for things.

On the other hand, we still had a good parkrun and a healthy(ish) brunch and I am now in the extended process of porting things to the new compy. Which is currently on Beloved's desk and using half her hardware.

I am awaiting further instructions. If said instructions take too firkin long, y'all may be getting today's story tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I shall be filling in the time with low-brainpower occupations. Stuff that doesn't matter if it's saved or if it isn't.

Like YouTube and Cookie Clicker.

If I resume streaming, it will likely be next week. That should give me enough time to iron out the hiccoughs. Underline 'should'.

Wish me luck and I hope to have something out there soon.

Friday, Bread, Crash

I'm currently using phone data so I shall be brief.

The internet is down where I am and I'm also making bread so going fully mobile is not an option. It might be an option on another day. Time will tell.

Normal services will resume as soon as the connection does. I'm keeping an eye on it and we've complained to out alleged provider about it. Much fun not being had by anyone TBH.

I did NOT need this. At all.


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Friday, Internet Fail

The LAN is broken and our best efforts to fix it in-house have failed. Dang.

Currently, I have no idea when it's going to be fixed. If it's going to be fixed.

Add to that a tummy bug gifted unto me by Mayhem and things are not looking bright for this nerd. I have remedies to hand and hope in my heart, but... I might be sleeping off a lot in the very near future.

I'll be making my offerings, securing a

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Sunday, Data Transfer Woes

It's raining. My left heel is in Fuck You Mode(tm) and I am trying every single method I can to move my tab hoard to the new Linux layout.

I have to rebuild the tab hoard I used to have on my laptop, but that's small beans.

I'm currently using my lappy for the instructions and going through the latest in a long line of alternatives to do the thing. I want to make sure ALL my widows and ALL their

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Teething Troubles

Yesterday, just after I dropped my Instant, our new connection to NBN dropped. Like unto a stone.

Just. In the middle of finally enjoying myself with time to spare, the internet just shut off. Attempts to contact my Beloved about this were ignored - the phones still work, but 'work' is a negligible term when any messages are unanswered.

It looks like our service provider isn't to blame, but rather the new modem we got is faulty and service can be restored

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Okay so my own system has up and decided to lock me out. None of my passwords work at the mome. And if I can't log in to NodeBB, then I can't add comment abilities to my stories.


Patience, my dear readers. You will be able to comment again soon. Not that anyone has as of yet... Ah well.

This is going to take a bit of a while. I'm sorry.

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