Challenge #04130-K112: Work Cohabitation Arrangement

Dierd asks F'tibb if they would like to team up with him. He went to sargassos to gather wrecked ships to bring them back so their materials could be used. He also captured asteroids for sale for their valuable minerals. The low-grav was no problem with the special suit he wore, and there were areas of his ship at normal grav for him to exercise in so he could retain muscle tone. -- Anon Guest

If there is one rule about anywhere people go, it's "There's always something that needs tidying up." Life makes mess. People throw away things. They abandon things. Sometimes, natural things get in the way of people's needs.

Thus, sargassos were re-created. Areas of space that were otherwise seen as useless and therefore utilised as a dumping ground. Stars with only asteroids in their orbits. Patches of otherwise empty space that were, effectively, dead ends in the wormhole chains. There, more wasteful souls dumped whatever they deemed useless.

Centuries later, other people come back to find treasure amongst the trash.

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