Free Time

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Sunday, the Last Day Off of Sorts

All of this week shall also be taken in 4-hour road trips to drop Mayhem off at work. He's considering getting Work From Home, but has to (a) get his hand in at the job (b) rearrange everything in his room so it's also an office, and (c) figure out how to finance that noise.

It's going to be a while.

Fun times are ahead. Including the fact that I need to rearrange OBS again and configure my nonsense for streaming.

Who knows? I may even get KittyCam up and running once more.

That shall be happening on Monday. Today, I am spending my limited free time on the mandatory offerings and then my good self.

I'm not going to have very many hours to enjoy life this week coming.

Let's get on with getting on with things.

Challenge #04005-J353: Time For Nothing

It's rare I get days like these. It's quiet, there's no emergencies, no one needs my assistance at the moment. I rather am enjoying the relaxation. -- Anon Guest

He had gone through his routines. His morning Kata, feeding the cats, feeding the Dire Goats and then milking them, and then setting most of the milk into the vats with rennet. A few pints went into the sterile bottles and then into the cold box for later. He'd breakfasted and flirted with

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Challenge #03513-I225: Time to Spare

Several kids flying kites accidentally run into Wraithvine and hir friends. Giggling, they offer the kite strings to the individuals, asking the group to come play -- Anon Guest

They had the time. And why not? Between one place and another, with all the urgencies currently out of the way, playing in a park had its lures. Especially for Marvin.

Wraithvine hadn't held a kite string for too long, and accepted the spool with giddy laughter. Which more or less gave the

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Challenge #03391-I103: Time Enough

The thoughts and inner feelings of the old witch as new students come to call. Someone to pass their knowledge to, and, perhaps, a new, young apprentice here to take their place when old age finally takes its dues? -- Anon Guest

Varicelle had taken an overdose in her elder years, and had been looking for cures for old age for millennia. Alas, every fountain of youth had its price. A price too severe for an

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