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Challenge #03240-H331: Not As Expected

Hey, can we have a story of Healer Varicelle testing Wraithvine and the others, and maybe of teaching them? This sounds like a REALLY neat story arc of seeing Wraithvine getting an education instead of educating others for a change!

Heh, by the looks of it, you look like you really wanted to go longer than what you put for this story, maybe several pages worth! :-D

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03166-h257-sense-motivation -- DaniAndShali

There's certain things an immortal holds firm stock with. Stone, for instance, is one of the longer-lasting materials. It can't do for everything, but it does for a considerable lot. Varicelle's established lair is granite dating back from the time that the world was new, and dirt was the hot new commodity. Someone had taken the time to grind each stone against the other until they meshed so tightly together that nothing could wedge its way in. Even the roof was made of slates.

Varicelle herself was as old and gnarled as the staff she used to walk with, but her eyes were sharp and saw everything. She certainly sized up the Wizard and their companions from a standing start.

One Wizard and a Bard, either had to have motives for seeking immortality. The Bugbear in saffron robes was a bit of a surprise, but Bugbears usually didn't last anyway.

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Challenge #03166-H257: Sense Motivation

An elderly woman, a witch, was quietly hobbling along the path back to her village with more healing herbs. She was well respected among the village, save for a few newcomers who were learning quickly the village protected their healer, and her apprentices, rather fiercely. When Wraithvine came to the village with hir friends, she offered to teach hir how to make a very special potion. Everhealing Elixir. It could heal any illness, any injury, and, in its concentrated form, even reverse

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