Challenge #03513-I225: Time to Spare

Several kids flying kites accidentally run into Wraithvine and hir friends. Giggling, they offer the kite strings to the individuals, asking the group to come play -- Anon Guest

They had the time. And why not? Between one place and another, with all the urgencies currently out of the way, playing in a park had its lures. Especially for Marvin.

Wraithvine hadn't held a kite string for too long, and accepted the spool with giddy laughter. Which more or less gave the others permission to play. If an Elf almost as old as the world could play with kites, then anyone could do it. And, for the sake of the game, the spell to Control Winds was very, very useful.

Marvin was running around with the other children and laughing. Careful of the smaller ones anywhere near his feet and trying not to tangle his kite string with anyone else's. Wraithvine was far more sedate, enjoying the spectacle and the occupation, and the peace.

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