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Today's delay was caused by Beloved being a fluff-head. They wanted to check on Factorio, and I just had to check with them by some kind of mutual telepathy or something.

It's a cleaning day, today, so today's story may well be later than usual. Fingers crossed, I get there anyway, but... my brain is now set on 'wannaplay'. Thanks, Beloved.

Loyal visitors to my Patreon will note that I've switched things up a smidge in anticipation of even more books that I spend the time on writing and never get properly beta'd.

If I could sell some, I could afford a pro level editor. But I need editing in order to sell them. Round and round I go...

I haven't even received ONE expression of interest in Clockwork Souls. Boo. I guess people think it's going to be in the Victoriana-style I did for Beauties and the Beastly. It's not. It's more... common language with a few anachronisms thrown in.

I might have to fork out for an editor. Best foot forward equals best chances of acceptance, etc. Better investment than AR&E.

My PLN for today involves chewing them out, followed by looking up my chances at TOR. Fingers crossed, my dear readers. Fingers crossed.

Challenge #02010-E186: Steep Learning Curve on the Explorer Seventeen

There’s always talk of how humans pack bond to everyone and everything. But that sort of connection, especially with sentiments, needs to be mutual. So how do humans cope with being the only human on a ship? With loneliness?

Who supports the one who’s supposed to do all the supporting? -- Anon Guest.

"We are here because something is happening to the Ship's Human. Grox? You are the one who's been cataloguing symptoms."

"I'm the assigned envoy. I have to

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While the cat's away, the mice will play. And my little mice have been up to some major league malarky.

Miss Chaos decided that my 10ml syringe, that I use for measuring the saline for Max, was a chew toy.

Mayhem decided to spend $130 worth of extra bandwidth overnight.

So yes, I am a little shirty with my darlings today. And have sent them up to the local shops - on foot - to spend their money on the thing Miss

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Challenge #02009-E185: Barbarian Benevolence

What happened to the human dying the storm in “Challenge #01981-E157: One Educational Day on a Strange New World”? How did their relationship change after? Please write more of this story! It’s so fascinating! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Callback to this one for those who don't want to go hunting]

Stern mum Human Shaz was a fierce guardian. Horx understood that, now. The mother with one chick would protect it from even the mildest of potential hazards. And since Human Shaz's

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Tech Support Duty

MeMum's having issues with technical stuff again, so I'm leaving the kids with a freezer load of chicken and mutton and the grill press to fill their bellies with warm spicy meats. They definitely know how to thaw and grill a steak. And they certainly know how to eat way more than an adult portion.

Growth streaks are coming. I'm certain of it.

Miss Chaos has up and decided that she doesn't like fish. This shortly after we served her some. Well,

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Challenge #02008-E184: What About Me?

The older jade-skinned female shook her head with a sympathetic smile - not angry, but understanding good intentions gone misinformed.

"Lana, you're young and determined, but also human. Tall, white, human. Not short, not green, and definitely not goblin. I appreciate you wanting to plan this 'goblin pride' rally thing, but it's kinda romanticised. Just because we mixed into human society doesn't mean we risk losing ourselves. We still know our history and have our beliefs and traditions, as crude and vulgar

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[Shown here: Screen shot of a generic and completely unhelpful rejection letter. Text reads: "Dear Author, Thank you for your email, and for giving me a look at your material. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I must pass, but I hope you will accept my best wishes for your future success."]

There goes my last hope.

Before I pick myself up and do my Robin Daffy impersonation, I will give myself a couple of days to figure out what the actual shit I can

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Challenge #02007-E183: Confounding Convergence

'Don't be silly', snapped Mara, 'cows have 6 legs'. (Mara from Feists 'Empire' trilogy, goes with Kevin to Midkemia) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Another book series I will likely forget to find and read. Whoops. I'm still trying to get into GoT...]

Yan stopped cold and stared her fellow human. "We are talking about the same animal, right? Terran origin mammal, about yae tall," she gestured with her hand. "Goes 'moo'. Herbivorous. Four stomachs. Gives milk?"

"Uh. No. I have no idea

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When I was a kid, you could get mutton everywhere. For those poor babies who don't know what flavour is, mutton is a full-grown sheep's meat. It completely mystifies me as to why everyone wants random lamb a-ding-dong, because mutton has a rich flavour that should be experienced.

And since Australia flourished on the sheep's back at the time, you could not only get mutton for cheap, but there were also plenty of sources of a thing called 'hogget'. Which is Olde

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Challenge #02006-E182: He's a Griefer

“How could you?"

“I trusted you and, and you played me!”

“Like the cheap kazoo you are” -- Anon Guest

Some tasks are harder than others. Some efforts are purely emotional. And by the end of this mission to Zangress Four, Arlo was feeling weak as a kitten despite having all her health stats in peak range. The explorer she'd been hired to escort, Thuxx, had managed to make it through all kinds of potential hazards, including being one of those types

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Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done...

Today's title comes from this lovely tune which suits me to a T today. I am DONE.

I finished Clockwork Souls yesterday, and I just now got it converted to assorted formats for interested beta readers.

Loyal readers of this particular blog can read/comment on the docx version here if they so choose.

I've enabled commenting in all formats in the Clockwork Souls folder on my Google drive.

Not that I expect much action from this. But I will be looking

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Challenge #02005-E181: One Line to Cross

Humans are walking biohazard to everyone and everything. Our saliva can cause several pandemics alone is unchecked. If our gut is punctuated, the bacteria (and acid) inside us will eat us alive, not to mention whoever else may come into contact with it.

What happens when the galactic community first learns about this fact?

What happens when a human is found with an open gut wound that has been left untreated? -- Anon Guest

Humans will risk their lives for the beings

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Set Your Timers

My car is going in for a service at 10 today. That gives me a little less than three hours to get my shit together, and in the middle of trying to write this post, I got this bullshit:

[Shown here: Error message over an empty post titled (Untitled), message reads "Are you sure you want to delete this post?" and in a smaller font, "You're about to delete "(Untitled)". This is permanent! No backups, no restores, no magic undo button. We

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Challenge #02004-E180: Nice... Dog?

How do alien ambassadors to earth first react to trying to translate/figure out what is a dog and what isn’t? At this point it’s a minor policy at the embassy to just assume all furred quadrupeds smaller than a horse are dogs. -- Anon Guest

Terra's first unofficial ambassador was the dog. Closely followed by the cat. The cat was simply pest control, but the dog... there are few species of Terran origin that are more versatile. Some Havenworlders

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Finishing Season

Seems to be the time of year for finishing stuff up. I'm 1500 words away from the end of Clockwork Souls and I've just-last-night reached an ending for my fanfic, Crime and Punishment.

I'm going to ponder which fanfic I'm doing next because I can't not write. There's a few juicy ideas I have excerpts for. I just need to pick the shiniest one.

Announcements when that happens, of course.

Today's another cleaning day, and having our new toy means that all

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