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Monday, Backup Reads and No Stream

Still trying to unfuck what the hell is going on with OBS and how to fix it. So far, my internet searching skills are failing me.

I feel terrible about everything going wrong. It's out of my control and I can't do a dang thing about it... BUT I also feel dumb because it's out of my control and I can't do a dang thing about it.

Further, I still need mental health time because burnout is a bitch and the firkin GUILT from needing the mental health time is... crushing at minimum.

I have to get over myself or I'll never get better. It'll be an endless cycle of guilt and mental health recuperation that inspires more guilt and necessity for mental health recuperation.

And that's enough iteration today.

I am taking time for myself. I need me in tip top working condition or nothing will get done.

Speaking of, since I currently can't stream, I shall be making my offerings real soon now.

Challenge #04186-K168: Calculated Risk

They warn knomiras time and again not to touch the pretty plants. And, yet again, they get to deal with complaining and screaming while treating injured hands. -- Anon Guest

Some exhibits are a nightmare. The slow-moving cruise vessels housing them are literally made for the exhibits. Kept in excellent condition by the crew and staff. It's not the exhibits that are the problem. It's the people who pay to share the experience presented.

"I paid to see these plants," insisted the

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Sunday, Streaming Issues

Video drivers make my games work! Yay! Video drivers may also be preventing OBS from working. Boo.

Which means that, in order to stream, I need to unfuck whatever's going on with my systems. Which means there may not be a stream tomorrow.

I'm doing my best with what I've got, and what I've got is old solutions to old versions. None of which are effective so far.

I have some offerings to make and chapters to record. Not a lot for

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Challenge #04185-K167: The All-Purpose Animal

Humans bring to multiple Thranityr worlds the farming of goats and cattle. How to properly raise them, how to milk them, and how to make cheeses and butter. Along with other human foodstuffs they've not grown or raised yet. -- Anon Guest

There exists a perfect machine for turning cellulose-based life into protein. It's versatile, self-powered, self-replicating, and capable of adapting to most terrains. It can flourish in deserts. The byproducts of its processes are excellent for fertilising crops. It's even autonomous.

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Saturday, Parkrun and a FIX!

Beloved got my games going. The temporary inconvenience is that one of my text editors has decided to not start. Further, TaleSpire is working again and I would pay a text editor for that to be functional.

I also figured out why the board wasn't loading. I was literally looking in the wrong place. One of my players helped with that so now I don't have to make alternate maps. Huzzah.

In a moment or three, I shall be posting my daily

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Challenge #04184-K166: Isekai'd

[Notification: Demon Lord have been slayed]

[Notification: you have died]


[Executing Purge] [Titles have been revoked] [Skills have been revoked] [passives have been revoked] [Title: Hero, sustained]

[All Bookmarks have been deleted] -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt has been altered for brevity]

Waking up in the starter zone felt... different. G'ni reached up and felt hir cheek instead of the soft plastic seal of the virtuality goggles. The smell of the sea air, burned flesh,

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Friday, Bread!

I have a loaf proofing while the oven preheats. I have things set up to bake, including a timer to make sure all goes relatively well.

I have offerings to make and tweaks to engage in with respect to my leisure time on the new OS.

Last time that was fixed, I lost half my tabs.

In a few short minutes, I go collect my Beloved. All is well and we shall share time once more. Offerings will happen at their own

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Challenge #04183-K165: Out of Frame

They call me a Hero, but all I did was use my magic to create water channels and canals, along with spells of purification so the water is always completely clean and created special sewer systems so waste water will flow away from this town, through marshes with powerful purifying spells and tons of plans to clean away and waste so that the water is cleaned before it goes to the river.

I'm not a hero. Please stop calling me one. --

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Thursday, Decision

I've decided I need more than one week away from my side-projects. My mental health needs more recovery time and the stress is showing in the form of absent-mindedness.

Getting my groove back is necessary. I've been needing a lot more sleep, I've been running on rails when I drive instead of going to the intended destination. It's concerning.

So I shall continue taking it easy and trying to enjoy myself. A little bit tricky when the games don't always work in

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Challenge #04182-K164: Death By Stabby

The Roomba with a knife duct taped to it: sup -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt was edited for IP erasure and brevity]

Something horrible had happened here. The signs were clear. Foreboding and hurried grafitti on the walls. Signs of struggle. Signs of chaos. And an ominous trail of reddish-brown smears that had nothing to do with children's hospitals[1].

...the distinct lack of survivors...

Well. There was a reason why this station had fallen silent. There was nobody around to

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Challenge #04181-K163: One Bad Meet Cute

Dragon 1: "Why do you have a pest on your back?"

Dragon 2: "That's not a pest or vermin, that's my sibling."

Dragon 1: "Another adopted?"

Dragon 2: "Think what you like, I'll never abandon kids who want a family, no matter their species!." -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt has been edited for Markdown compatibility and trimmed for brevity. Prompters, remember to check the pinned notice at the top of the prompt forum. Thank you.]

It took Glisterill ten years to

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Challenge #04180-K162: Innocent Mistake

A: Human, we found an abandoned mineshaft! (cracks flare)

B: Dumb question, what were they mining down there?

A: (pulls out data pad) umm records says... they were harvesting a resource called petroleum. Why?

B: No reason. Imma go fire up the ship... -- Anon Guest

[AN: This seems very erroneous. On multiple levels]

There are reasons why graveworlds are graveworlds, and many of them do not leave the infrastructure intact. Well. Intact except for a fine layer of carbon. Everything organic

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Monday, Public Holiday, Also Resting

I will still be making my daily offerings. That's not stopping. I'm taking time off from my side projects.

Speaking of, I just passed the second Sunday that I forgot to post my Patreon stuff. I'll do that today.

At some point in the near future, Beloved shall join my company and we get some precious snuggle-time together.

I hope to have the wherewithall to stream a story today. And the time, come to think of it. I have no idea when

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