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Challenge #02258-F068: MacGuyvering the Excrement...

A human uses a fire extinguisher, some glue, self-made rocket fuel, some ductape, bolts and other stuff to render an enemy vessel useless.

Be creative :-) -- Anon Guest

[AN: I always am, Nonny. You don't have to tell me]

"Okay," panted Human Ange. "Good news, bad news. Good news... we're alive so far. Yay." It was statements of alleged optimism like that that helped earn Humanity's reputation in the Alliance.

"Bad news," stated Gaurx, "We are sheltering in a supplies hold."

"Oh, that's the better news," said Human Ange. "We should have everything we could need in here. Especially since..." They grunted as they hauled aside the front end of a large shipment container, revealing some complicated thing of tubing and random bulges. "...this is where we keep the still."

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I forgot the Patreon stuff, yesterday.

I'm due to make a Wordpress Wednesday, today. Based entirely on your lovely votes. Results as promised below:

(Shown here: Strawpoll results with "Tropes I Despise - The Miraculous Minority" as the clear winner with three votes. Other options: "Eugenics Gets Evolution Wrong," "Autism and Me (four parter)," "Gender Imbalance in the Romcom," and "Why Must They Go There?" having one vote each. The remaining three options got no votes)

So the seven of you who

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Challenge #02257-F067: Terrans of the Deep

Human talk about their oceans flora and fauna and deep water creatures.

Needless to say, it only adds more reasons, why Humans and their Deathworld should have been classified way higher. -- Anon Guest

Humans love to explore. To them, nothing is more alluring than the path not taken, the nook unchecked, or the depths undelved. There is no length a Human will not go to in order to see what's there just because they can. It should therefore surprise few that,

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Do the Re-organise Shuffle

Chaos starts swimming lessons, this week. I'm 1000% for. Anything that could plausibly save my little darlings' lives gets my vote. Since the lessons happen on Wednesday, that's moved up her tuck shop day to Tuesday.

That's happening this week.

The TangleBag(tm) now has starter walls. It's quicker to do the walls than it is to do the base because trebles are no longer involved. I've gone through three circuits since yesterday and it's starting to look like a wibbly wobbly

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Starting Over and Over

I had to unravel a lot of progress on my ameteur string bag. Starting with a simple fact - I got my treble stitch wrong.

You're supposed to make a stitch out of the loop of yarn you wind around the hook. I forgot that bit and just left a loose loop in there. No wonder the result was an unholy tangle.

It's kind of a tangle now, with the spare twine currently residing in a spare gift bag that was lying

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Challenge #02256-F066: First to Aid

A book written by an alien Medic over humans and their needs (physical/emotional/etc) medical "normal" procedures/operations for them, limits of humans (go wild and have fun with this one^^) and what to do with your human if sh*t hits the fan and emergency medical procedures (Bringing him back to life by smashing repeatedly his ribcage and forcing air in, stopping leaks, treating rocket fuel burn( how did he even get this?!?) , etc.)

Have fun and do your thing

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Your vote matters!

In things political, of course, but also for this nonsense. In this case, I want to know what you want to see out of me by this Wednesday.

Vote here and vote often. I'll be checking.

It's another unfuckening day, and I need money to bribe educate Mayhem into learning how to drive proper. Poor lad's got the quirbles again, so he's getting a minimum of one day off because quirbles.

Of course I'll be asking if he's been taking his meds.

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Challenge #02255-F065: We Welcome

The Hive of _________ could rule themself lucky. Enough food, no immediate threats and a happy broodmother.

All is well and quiet, until they need to integrate a human onboard one of their ships.

Even the drones are confused. They don't have a hive-system? They aren't born with their duties and jobs?

Just some casual integration on a Hiveship. What could go wrong? -- Anon Guest

Ysoptae Hive Identity Flitterfell was informed that they

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Fun was had (reprise)

Virtuality is fun. Even when you suck at twitch gaming and you die a lot. The equipment is heavy and my slender neck couldn't handle that. I had my hardy perennial trouble with headphones because my ears be too big, so I'm not blaming them for that.

Bring on over-ear, off-head headphones that don't crush the cartilage. I know they exist, but the price is beyond common acquisitions at the moment.

Grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter.


Today, I am going to weave

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Challenge #02254-F064: The Universal Poison

Adrenaline and Caffeine. The worst substances in existence.

Highly deadly and poisonous to literally every life form in existence. No wonder, that hostile forces use it as tipping for their weapons, ammo, knives, etc.

They are feared. They are Powerful.

Until they fight their first human on a spaceship by a raid.

The attackers didn't know that it makes them stronger and near invincible.

The human didn't know, that they mean Add/Caffeine with "deadly poison".

The crew is afraid and doesn't

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Fun was had...

The game sesh ended closer to eleven so we managed to get home just before it was AM, but probably not by much. The usual nonsense of being unable to sleep struck. AGAIN. And my arse was awake at like 4 in the morning after only getting to sleep at minutes in the morning.

It's almost midday, I haven't done anything, and I need mor sleep.

BUT - there's also another game night tonight in which we're all playing in Virtuality so.

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Challenge #02253-F063: A Little Support

Havenworlders learn about same-gender-Relationships.

Yeah go from there wherever you are comfortable. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm glad you said that, OP]

Evolution is a funny old thing. It is driven - if one can call a system based around random mutations, chance, happenstance, and incidental accidents 'driven' - by the concept of preserving the next generation so that more generations will happen. On Deathworlds, this means that there has to be a portion of the population ready to nurture young that

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We Play Dungeons and Dragons!

Mayhem finishes early, this afternoon. As does Beloved's work.

Beloved will be heading homewards early. Mayhem will be headed homewards early. Chaos... still has her regular hours.

I have to work pretty fast today if I want degaussing time tomorrow. Especially considering that tomorrow has even more potential social gaming time with friends of Beloved, this time in virtuality.

I am the nerdy gaming nerd. Bow to me.

Not much progress on the TangleBag(tm), though I am taking daily progress pix

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Challenge #02252-F062: Compensation to be Negotiated

I read a post from you a while ago (which i loved, thank you for that^^), where there was a lunatic, psychopathic, blood-spilling cat-lover on a station.

Can you please write a sequel of it, like if he is on a ship with a crew and it got attacked and goes full head on Berserker/Shizo-Mode (e.g.when a cat got hurt) and he wipes them out.

But goes back to being creepy friendly next second and pats his cat with

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New Meds, Wat Dis?

I'm trying some new stuff that Beloved ordered online. It's supposed to help with my internal energy management etc. We shall see how it goes.

The potential side effects have me alarmed, so I'm keeping careful watch out for that BS.

In other news, I have officially begun the second circuit of the floor of my string bag. It still looks like an unholy tangle, but it's a consistent unholy tangle and maybe the second circuit will make it look more orderly.

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