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Challenge #03514-I226: Mine, Now

A very small child is picked up by Wraithvine and keeps calling hir 'papi'. They refuse to let anyone but their 'papi' anywhere near them. -- Anon Guest

Ze was in the middle of nowhere, and had summoned hir traveling tower just to have a kitchen and a roof over hir head. Other wizards might make such a thing extravagant and palatial. Wraithvine's was a little stone cottage with just enough accommodations for an unexpected guest, and a self-maintaining garden. Unwelcome people should not have been able to enter.

The child entered anyway.

What she mostly had on was dirt and stains. There was a mat of hair under a large hat, a shirt that was straining at the seams, and very little else. She was sitting by the fire and sucking her thumb and greeted Wraithvine with, "Papi!"

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Challenge #03353-I065: The Ravell'd Threads of Fate

Wraithvine learns that Ma has the ability COMMAND. The power to order people to do things when done in a commanding tone of voice, and they seem completely unable to disobey.

From this: -- FightingFit

Wraithvine was drawing glowing runes in the air even as ze descended the stair, weaving hir memory of the event into the runes with the other hand. An Elf's natural grace saved hir from a far more ignominious descent. Kevin was

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Challenge #02327-F137: That's a Lot of Samples

An Exploratory Team stumbles upon a Pirate Hideout and gets ambushed. The scientists make peace with their imminent demise and the pirates begin to prematurely celebrate....Until the ships human shows up, very very angry. -- Anon Guest

They had been excited to see smoke. Specifically, controlled columns of smoke. That meant controlled fires. This, in turn, meant that there was intelligent life present. Science Team Four proceeded cautiously. They didn't want to pollute a starter civilisation with sightings of alien life.

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As you know, I ate baby spinach 48 hours ago and I should have experienced...



But no. I didn't. I sailed through the day with no sickness. No upset. Not even a liquid fart.

Not, as Bluebottle was wont to say, a sausage.

Either I can consume baby spinach without much trouble or... I could finally be past my previous troubles with the entire subgroup of foods.

I don't want to point to keto being that miraculous, but.

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