Challenge #03514-I226: Mine, Now

A very small child is picked up by Wraithvine and keeps calling hir 'papi'. They refuse to let anyone but their 'papi' anywhere near them. -- Anon Guest

Ze was in the middle of nowhere, and had summoned hir traveling tower just to have a kitchen and a roof over hir head. Other wizards might make such a thing extravagant and palatial. Wraithvine's was a little stone cottage with just enough accommodations for an unexpected guest, and a self-maintaining garden. Unwelcome people should not have been able to enter.

The child entered anyway.

What she mostly had on was dirt and stains. There was a mat of hair under a large hat, a shirt that was straining at the seams, and very little else. She was sitting by the fire and sucking her thumb and greeted Wraithvine with, "Papi!"

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