Challenge #03353-I065: The Ravell'd Threads of Fate

Wraithvine learns that Ma has the ability COMMAND. The power to order people to do things when done in a commanding tone of voice, and they seem completely unable to disobey.

From this: -- FightingFit

Wraithvine was drawing glowing runes in the air even as ze descended the stair, weaving hir memory of the event into the runes with the other hand. An Elf's natural grace saved hir from a far more ignominious descent. Kevin was left far behind as ze used Cloud Step to get to the place where Ma Oxbrydl was still grumbling about the youth, these days.

If one listened to Ma Oxbrydl long enough then she was, by the power of inference alone, older than the universe. Wraithvine knew this to be factually untrue.

When ze landed, ze had a reprimand on hir lips. "Do you have any idea," said Wraithvine the Eternal, "what you just did?" It was long association with Ma Oxbrydl that made hir automatically cast a protective shell around hirself after that.

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