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Challenge #03790-J137: Experience With the Subject

Are you ready to sanction the world, descendant of origin? Humanity isn’t the owner of the world. It shared by both organic and inorganic matters. As for synthetic life and seeds of idea, they’re no inferior to Homo sapiens. You have no right to make rash judgements full of arrogance and prejudice based on your own standards,

Even so… are you ready? -- Anon Guest

In judging, you are also judged. That is the deal. Those being judged, those who learn of those judgements... those are the ones evaluating the judge.

This is Earth. A small rocky world that the natives decided to name after the least abundant surface of the planet. The intelligent life is seemingly motivated entirely by wealth created by imaginary tokens. They will torture, starve, and kill for those tokens.

It is your job, judge, to live among them for a period of no less than fifty years. Your place of origin will be random. Your economic niche will be random. The aspects of your form will adhere to local expectations. In all other ways, you will be one of them. Your memories will be weighed in the overall balance and when we reach a quorum... your judgement will be asked of you.

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Challenge #03534-I246: Heavier Than You Think

A young heir is about to be crowned ruler of their homeland. They ask their people to please bring Wraithvine to the palace, to please advise them on how they should rule. They love their homelands, and their people, and they're afraid of making a mistake that might hurt the ones they love. -- Anon Guest

Father hadn't meant to turn himself into a King. He had been quite content to remain Earl of Whitekeep, but... fate and prophecy and his own

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