Challenge #04012-J360: Everyone Should Have a Fish

The kind hearts at the school learn to make the treat so that children, like young Kormwind, can have them. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Bless you, Nonny, but this doesn't happen in the book the original story is based on. Check my Patreon for the chapters. My choices are to alter my series' continuity or go with a huge time gap between the inspiration post and this one]

The parcel had come a long way to Lessa's door. Halfway around the world, in fact. She recognised the handwriting before she recognised the return address.

Little Lord Whitekeep, all grown up and long since returned to his homeland, had sent him a gift.

My dearest Mrs Lessa Tauzweig, he had written. I hope that this letter finds you both in good health and security. I never forgot the kindnesses you gave me in my youth. You and your daughter Bar both showed me what a good family should look like. Thus, I have sent this little gift in memory of the sanctuary you helped make for me. As I said, once, everyone should have a fish.

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