Tuesday, Boxing Day and All the Fun Times

I got bogged trying to return my car to the shed, got a neighbour's help getting it out and safe, and I now have some lovely wheel holes in my lawn.

Other than the bogging event, we had a relatively quiet celebration with all the usual things. Gifts, tableside debates, and WAAAAYYYY too much food despite my best efforts to prevent that happenstance.

I went overboard on the acquisition side. Again.

BUT we have plenty of unsuitable food to nom on. For maybe the rest of the year.

Jolie has been super-cuddly following my return after getting Mum home. A solid five minutes of smudging and headbutts and sniffing me over before she found somewhere else to be. I expect more of the same tomorrow.

Whenever I get tired of unsuitable food, I shall cook myself something nice. Promise.

In the meantime, I owe y'all a twofer to catch up and the rest of my offerings. Since it's Tuesday.

Given my other business, this last week... I don't think I have a great lot to offer.

Let's see.