Challenge #04061-K043: The Ultimate Test

They really did not give me a choice here. I mean, I did my best to behave and sit still... but those little claws all over me, up and down my shirt... how could I sit still...

I'm sitting in a room full of kittens! -- Anon Guest

To seek out the Sensei of the Shadow Arts in Whitekeep, one must first find where the Dojo is hidden. One must be clever. One must be observant. And being sneaky helps. A lot.

Such a pity that Arydan was none of these. Ze had had to track it down through following the Novices to an otherwise ordinary, cozy little cottage with a garden and some supremely lazy Dire Goats. And way more people than the Novices, apparently.

Ze found the Sensei in the garden, walking with a cane and wearing... a mixture of clothes. Black hakama. White linen shirt. Some variety of vest that had not been closed. He had a gleaming gold band in his left horn, and the only other decoration appeared to be made of dried grasses and laquer, as some kind of brooch.

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