Tuesday, Patreon, Tyres, and More Delays

I was planning to start on new bread today. Have some nice fresh loaves by tomorrow night. That's delayed.

Because I am getting the TYRES!

For way less than the price my Beloved gave me. And that even includes some service for the others. Huzzah.

All for less than the initial price of one tyre that I was given. Bonus.

On the other hand, I have my day split because those new tyres are going in close to midday. Hooray.

I will be safe from blowouts on the road henceforth.

GREAT relief. Economically and mechanically.

I'm going to post my Patreon stuff and work on my daily tale later in the day. Mostly because doing my daily tale is eminently mobile.

TOMORROW, all being well, I shall begin my bread.

Also: I looked and the metal bread cutting guides are expensive as all get-out and mostly available on the arsehole river-named book site. Hell no.

I did find a bread knife with an attached cutting guide, but... thirty dollarydoos in a week where finances are going to be unreliable? Nah.

Onwards to the nonsense.