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Challenge #03612-I324: Cirque de Sade

The child is found to have wandered off deep into the woods. The ones that had her held other intelligent beings, though these were mostly adults, in cages as a traveling freak show. They demand Wraithvine give their "exhibit" back. Wraithvine shows just how peeved off a parental, even if the child is still new to them, can get at such cruelty. -- Anon Guest

The music lead Wraithvine to the carnival, but the very sight of the motley tents made little Adabaki whimper, cry, and cling to Wraithvine. There were large and muscular toughs prodding the bushes with staves. Not a sign of an anxious guardian calling for a missing babe.

There were too many cages with curtains. Too many hucksters promising the wandering traveler that they could see a real live freak of nature.

Wraithvine didn't need to ask if this was where hir Adabaki had come from. There was plenty of evidence. Ze soothed hir new adoptee and hid them in the folds of hir cloak. "It's all right, dear one. They won't harm you or anyone else ever again."

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Challenge #03008-H085: Thing in the Mirror

Ok, you left this one on a cliff hanger. Please, PLEASE let Ardin see a mirror, or still pond, or SOMETHING that forces him to see himself as everyone else is seeing him? Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?? PLEASE?? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: You are petty and vicious and I love it]

Ardin had spent a solid minute scouring his body free of the offal he had seen himself as wearing. To his eyes and

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