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Challenge #02861-G304: Well That Was Dumb



"...I'm bleeding." -- Anon Guest

Accidents happen quickly. Reactions to them differ. Humans have a shock response that insulates them from immediately feeling an injury. As a survival tactic, it's great for getting the people away from the threat, but in a more technologically advanced setting... it's disturbing to unprepared onlookers.

Human Dree had been working on something involving sharp tools and applied pressure. One of their multiple hobbies. The tool slipped, and the reaction was instant and automatic. "FLAKK!"

Human Dree left their work to track down the tool that had gone flying. In the process, they realised that they were hurt. "Ow." Human Dree finished retrieving their tool and inspected the site of their pain. Palpating the area, seemingly for curiosity's sake more than anything else.

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