Saturday, Parkrun and Bread

Finally home, I have acquired a second kitchen scale and dividing the dough was a lot easier than my last efforts.

And just in time! The last quarter of my last loaf has dwindled to a hub end somehow. "Somehow" 9_9 [It was Miss Chaos]

So my PLN is thusly:

  • The first loaf is proofing whilst the oven preheats
  • Inside the bread mould and the incubator
  • I have a small bowl literally chilling in the freezer so I can do the ice cube trick
  • Doing the rise portion of the bake for 40 minutes instead of 30
  • Shall repeat it all for the second loaf, including re-heating the dutch oven.

Poor Beloved is dealing with new meds and The Quirblies as a side-effect of said meds. They're going to be better for her because sugar balance.

Offerings soon.