Tuesday, Day 0, PLNs

Five new cases, according to the government site. Thirty total cases. Twenty-five of those are in hospital. Yeeks. It is definitely hide-under-a-rock time for me. I'm not back into the mask yet, because there's nothing out loose.

I'm still terrified that some strain or another escaping captivity and running rife through my neck of the woods. Hence my disinclination to go very far from home.

I did successfully show Mayhem how to make bread and it turned out like this:

[Shown here, two whole loaves of bread, one significantly larger than the other. Both are scored with an E shape]

Mayhem shares my "knack" of dividing things in two and coming out with one as one third and the other as two thirds. Ah well. At least it should have turned out eatable. We haven't sliced it yet.

In the news:

  • Queen's snub and the Oprah interview are more important than vaccine rollout news
  • 2YO who went missing in rural QLD has been found dead
  • Ex shared postcard of rape accuser and her family asks for her identity to be protected
  • Rumours surface about comments regarding Meghan's kids' skin tone
  • Right-wing billionaire dies in helicopter crash and French President pays tribute
  • Changes make the morning after pill more accessible
  • Russia accused of spreading vaccine lies
  • Rural areas of Victoria want to become a new state... I'm sensing a pattern

And now I go post nonsense on Patreon.