Challenge #02979-H056: What a Waking View

Muscle memory, we do things so often our body remembers how - even though we don't think about it. Most common is dance moves, and the slap that turns off the morning alarm. Then there are the reach in the dark for tablets or weapons. Go with it and see where the Idea takes yo. -- Knitnan

Human Sar could arrive at a trouble site in their full livesuit before ze completely woke up. His successive companions would learn that Sar's livesuit was programmed to give directions and deliver stims as a fine mist to hir mouth. It would continue to do so and play an alarm until Sar actually woke up.

It took a much, much longer time for Sar's companions to learn why. Sar was the quiet type and didn't like talking about hir past. It took more than a little while to get hir to open up, and Sar tended to change postings frequently. Ze preferred it that way.

Thusly, it was only when the Twitching Feeler was on an extended tour that Sar opened up to Companion Gorx. It had taken a little over a year of companionship to get that far. They had just survived defending from an angry beast that had mistakenly believed they were messing with its young. "Smallest mama bear ever," said Sar. Ze had been asleep when the attack began. They were walking off the stims and the stress, now. "That was a thing to wake up to."

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