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Friday, Meds PLNs

I finally got my pregnenolone delivery in. Tracking information not available in the process.

My PLN is to create this day's offerings [remembering to do the starting sentence thing this time] and then get me to the Post Office locker where my meds are waiting.

And then I can relax about being properly medicated.

Beloved is coming to stay for the weekend, this afternoon (all being well) and my PLN is to spend as many hours as possible in her presence.

If all else fails, I'll be getting my meds and my Beloved in the same trip.

Meanwhile, I have a lead on more Stencyl jiggery-pokery, and other PLNs to work on the pitch kit today.

I shall see how far I get with either of those.

Monday, Tale Foundry, Meds, and Breads

I need to go forth and get some Ashwagandha today. I'm down to the bottom of the jar.

I'm also almost out of my homemade bread so tomorrow is Bread Day.

This experiment will include:

  • 170g chia (soaked in the water)
  • 830g wholemeal flour
  • 800g water

I will also be weighing the split dough at the end and thereby have plausibly more even loaves.

We shall see.

I'll cut the chia down to half if it remains unmanageably stiff, and start again

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Challenge #03740-J087: Neurotransmitter Teeter Totter

A ship's human with a history of aloof behavior and carefully planned schedules (and rapid improvisation when called for) abruptly becomes cheerful and bubbly and five times as effective. When asked why... they explain that, for the first time in their life, they have proper medication for brain chemistry balance, and that EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE SO FAR has been without sufficient neurotransmitters, and that they don't see a reason to work less hard just because all of life suddenly got much easier.

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Thursday, Remedicated and Revitalised

I have my meds [Yay!] and I have learned that they discontinued the best brand so now I have to settle for the next best thing.

So far, so good. It took a while to kick in but I am no longer in agony from the light of my monitor so all is well.

I'm getting on with getting on, today.

  • Tag a week
  • Summarise a chapter
  • Set dress some dungeon
  • Figure out WTF I can do with the stuff I have
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