Monday, Tale Foundry, Meds, and Breads

I need to go forth and get some Ashwagandha today. I'm down to the bottom of the jar.

I'm also almost out of my homemade bread so tomorrow is Bread Day.

This experiment will include:

  • 170g chia (soaked in the water)
  • 830g wholemeal flour
  • 800g water

I will also be weighing the split dough at the end and thereby have plausibly more even loaves.

We shall see.

I'll cut the chia down to half if it remains unmanageably stiff, and start again at 780g of water.

I will create a perfected chia loaf. For my health.

I want to mess around with Stencyl at some point today. As I speak, the Tale Foundry backup reads are going on.

Beloved has left the house for the week and I get her back this Saturday. It's easier knowing that it won't be so long any more.

Chapter count: Halfway through Ch 367.

Doing half a chapter a day seems to be working for me. Not long before I get to the war and the battle-born twins and MAYBE... the ending and epilogues I have been anticipating since... half-past 2023.


We shall see if I'm not writing book five by this time next year -- George R. R. Martin, I am _still coming for your word count. Lawl.

Onwards to my offerings when time allows.