Challenge #04047-K029: Chemically Derived Architecture

"We're trying to recreate limestone chemically just so we can have concrete."

The person listening thinks for a moment then smiles. "My friend, you know, Limestone is simply hardened calcium carbonate. So, in essence, to make artificial limestone, simply get calcium, which is pretty abundant, and add salt made from carbonic acids, that is to say, acids made from carbon dioxide. Would this work for your projects?" -- Anon Guest

"We need the ocean, and we're pretty far inland. Also, it's going to be a process to extract calcium. The biota in this world isn't much far past the Ediacaran stage. Weird jelly things just... blobbing about. We need to chemically extract the calcium and all the other things."

"Okay, yeah. That's a problem," acknowledged Mission Leader Aath, running her fingers over the calculations. "Long-term project, then. Grow bricks until we get to the sea and figure out if calcium carbonate is even worth it."

"Yeah." Techie Medge blew a sigh out between their lips. "Young worlds suck, but we have the potential to direct the local evolution to suit our needs."

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