Tuesday, Patreon and Bread

I've measured out everything but my Starter, which is currently incubating in preparation for the autolyse. I have 170g of chia soaking in 800g of water for the duration.

I know the traditional wire tool for bread [Called a "Dough Whisk" I have just now learned] is not good for mixing flour and soaked chia because the sticky goop just gets stuck in the cracks and it's nigh impossible to shift. I shall try "chopping in" the flour and mix with the large bowl scraper and see how that goes.

It's raining HEAVILY this morning, so I expect internet problems. Since most of my day is devoted to bread, I shall dedicate my spare hours to map-making in DungeonDraft. I need a fire lit under my bum on that count anyway.

Bread is good enough motivation to do that.

Story and Meme coming soon. Patreon post soon after.