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Challenge #02594-G037: And a Macaroni Necklace

He owned, of all things, a trash planet. How did he manage to own an entire planet? Well, when you have an IQ that puts nearly all of the rest of the human race to shame, it's not hard to figure out how to get ownership of such a thing. Besides, no one argued much when he won the bet and requested a trash planet in a rather out-of-the-way area of space as his reward. And, with it, he was able to tinker to his heart's content with a nearly inexhaustible supply of parts. He had been 18 then, and now at 25, his newest project was almost completed.

The ship was odd, to be sure. Made of dozens of parts from several various races, but it worked perfectly. Strong engines, improvised defensive weaponry, and the inside was almost as luxurious as an expensive passenger liner. But he did not build it for himself. His ship towed the odd-looking vessel from the planet and he headed toward the planet where his close friends lived. The "dinos" as he called them had not only saved his life, but had been there when he was young and had no one else to turn to. Especially one family in particular. This gift, one of love, gratitude, and admiration, was for them. -- Anon Guest

One man's trash is another man's treasure -- Ancient Human saying.

Never bet Doughnuts to Planets with a Human -- A far more modern saying.

Jun had been eighteen when he won the trash planet. The generous dinos -who had more or less raised him from a feral stowaway they'd found in their hold- made sure he had adequate nutrition, shelter, and company whilst he tinkered with everything left on the trashworld. He'd named it New Workshop. It was everything it said on the tin.

Jun's first invention was a series of seekerbots that went out and found the essential elements. The second, after a small array of programming mishaps, was a set of seekerbots that sought out potentially active technology first. That cut down significantly on the "new craters per Standard Week" statistics.

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Challenge #02534-F344: Designed For Disaster

There are reasons why humans coined the term “idiot proofing”, many MANY reasons -- Anon Guest

Make it idiot proof and the world will invent a better idiot -- Human engineering axiom.

It was a Human who came up with Murphy's Law, and further Humans who came up with all the associated corollaries. Humans investigated them all, invented science to prove them, and then invented science that provided vital analysis into the reasons why it was so.

All devices made by Humans

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Challenge #00866-B135: When You Have a Hammer...

Person #1: Great! You just gave an engineer a problem that can’t be solved with duct tape. Now we’re going to be stuck here all day.
Person #2: There are problems that can’t be solved with duct tape?

“Maybe if I recalibrate the spline actuator frigit…”

“What’s the first rule?” demanded Captain Dalia.

Branley sighed and toed at the metal plate floor. “Never give a stop-over mechanic a problem that can’t be solved with ductape,

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