Challenge #03740-J087: Neurotransmitter Teeter Totter

A ship's human with a history of aloof behavior and carefully planned schedules (and rapid improvisation when called for) abruptly becomes cheerful and bubbly and five times as effective. When asked why... they explain that, for the first time in their life, they have proper medication for brain chemistry balance, and that EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE SO FAR has been without sufficient neurotransmitters, and that they don't see a reason to work less hard just because all of life suddenly got much easier. -- Anon Guest

Three days following the delivery, Human Xahl was almost a different person. She was relaxed. She smiled a lot more. She didn't get, as she put it, derailed as easily. She skipped between destinations and laughed more readily.

Of course, the crew of the Joyful Brecon were curious. What sort of care package could alter their Human so very drastically?

"Not quite a care package, though I guess medical care counts," Xahl grinned. "I finally got the right balancers for my neurotransmitters. No more head fog, no more brain farts, no more absentee memory moments. Huzzah! I don't have to use half of my reminders and the other half are only there for belt-and-braces paranoia. It's wonderful."

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