Tuesday, Grand Night Out

My Beloved, KIABIL, a whole passel of rainbow-coded people, and my good self are going out to catch a live performance of Hamilton.

Which means I really need to focus on my offerings today or y'all will be left short.

I shall be taking public transit because FUCK trying to find a parking space in Brisbane, these days. But also because public transit, I have a fine opportunity to work on the ever-growing WIP known as A Devil's Tale.

I'm in the middle of some FUN parts. Growing ever closer to the promised smut chapters.

IDK if I could write soft porn on a train, but I can wait and see if I will.

ANYway. I have resolved to only listen to music and watch zero YouTube videos today. All to the betterment of getting everything done. No behind-the-curtain stuff either. Just focus on that which you will see and do so as fast as I possibly can.

Start the stopwatch.