Monday, Day 0, Onwards!

Plague News: 1 new case, an import. Thirty-nine total cases, thirty seven in hospital, two in the ICU.

The numbers are going down. All the community efforts to step on transmission are working.

And further, my Beloved has made bread.

[Shown here: Some classic-looking bread with square corners and a domed top. Two loafs, each scored diagonally. One topped with white sesame seeds and the other topped with black sesame seeds]

This brand of bread includes sugary stuff so I cannot partake unless it's feast day. Alas alack. BUT now my love has the joy of keeping a pet Starter and I'm just waiting for them to name it.

In the news:

  • Comedian who keeps predicting the plague numbers emerges to share his math
  • The removalists blamed for the outbreak share their story
  • More lockdown for Victoria
  • Britney quits music
  • China threatens to nuke the world
  • New book says Muppet was too self-centered to ever hold on to power. In other news, the water is wet
  • More mystery cases in NSW - cherchez la Knomiras
  • Athletes test positive in Tokyo

And here I am, back on my bullshit.