I made some yummy ass bread

There is a reason for the lack of a hyphen there. Mostly because both of my loaves yesterday had a definite butt-crack to them. At least in one end of the loaf. Alas, there are no photographs because someone1 wanted to eat both loaf butts.

Given that one loaf is down to a hub and predation has already begun on the other, I am now warming up my other sourdough starter so I can make a couple more loafs so we can have enough bread for the week.

Good news: I have enough flour to do that.

Bad news: I need to get up off my keister and order that stoneground stuff from that one site that actually has it.

Good news: thanks to patience, bitcoin, and fortitude, I have spare moneys with which to purchase an enormous amount of stoneground flour.

Maybe bad news? I don't know if we have to go there and collect.

Personal whoops fuck news: I forgot about the cream I ordered for Thursday... EEeeeeeee... I feel terrible.

Gotta sort that out too.

Plus I still have to make Chaos' apple muffins/apple cake? I hate the concept of throwing away the sourdough harvests. But I'm also exhausted from all the meal preps, and throwing things away is easier...

Blow that. I'm making the batter anyway. I may add chocolate chips to tempt chaos into actually devouring them.

Wish me luck and give me an energy transfer. I need that.

  1. Probably Chaos.