Challenge #02705-G148: Apparently This is Normal

Humans are insane. Definitely. Undeniably. Humans are insane by the standards of the greater galactic community. That did not prepare anyone for the sight of one of the passengers, at most five from the look of them, possibly younger from the sound of them, seizing a mug meant to hold hot liquids, approaching their nearest parent, and saying:

"Hey! Where my coffee?"

That the desired liquid turned out to be hot cocoa that the child was only pretending was coffee did little to ease the crew's distress at the thought of the chaos that could be created by a very young human energized by caffeine. -- Anon Guest

Humans are very strange. Some would definitely classify the entire species as insane. They are remarkably safe despite being Deathworlders and it is their very insanity that might be responsible for making them so. Science is still attempting to determine the truth. Individual Humans can have understandable logic, but once they gather in groups, once they band together in packs or families... all bets are off.

Case in point, mid-journey for the Planetary Surveyor Archis XVII, where a family of Humans are all simultaneously Ships' Human. Even the young, which is currently still in the educational phase of maturation. The time is breakfast, and one of the communal nest of Humans is busy with meal preparation whilst the youngest, Human Jil, is allegedly consuming their nutrition.

Humans have been known to be possessive about peculiar things. They can, have, and will pack-bond with anything. This has been noted in drinking vessels also carrying emotional weight. A Human will go out of their way to ensure that they drink out of their drinking vessel and none other, despite the vessels being nearly indistinguishable from each other. In the case of Human Jil, the vessel was a very large insulated mug with the words, Mind the Undertow in an amusing font[1]. This was the vessel she grabbed and inspected, finding it wanting.

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