Bread Day the Second!

I got enough wholemeal flour to make a loaf and keep the starter alive, so I'm making some proper sourdough that hopefully won't go flat as a tack this time.

I also made some pancakes and I think I've perfected the recipe enough that I can put the final version up on my foodie blog.

The bread will likely appear there tomorrow. Sourdough takes time. Lots of time. Lots of time and heaps of flour.

I only realised yesterday that the reason why all the flour is missing is because everyone and their kid brother's dog have unanimously decided that sourdough is going to be their stay-at-home sanity project. At least, that's what I can infer from the absence of flour everywhere.

For all I know, they're making damper, but I can only hope at this point. It's way more likely that folks just went completely crabonkers and will discover in a month or two that they are now the proud owners of a thriving weevil farm.

Flour spoils. Rice will go rotten. Potatoes melt... everything edible will go off. Even hoarded petrol will spoil. The reality of all this will likely hit months down the line, long after the madness has ended, and people attempt to use their hoards in an effort to economise. Then it will be realised how much money they wasted being selfish arseholes.

I can only hope that the insurance payout they try to gain from this idiocy will result only in a smack on the snoot and a firm refusal.

Shopping centers have queue spots on the floor to keep people apart. So, too, do take-out places. Everyone has forsaken cash and switched to electric money. Australia has 89% effective 15-minute pinprick blood tests, and the US only has testing for the wealthy and powerful.

This entire thing is beyond nuts. At least I know where I am with bread.