Challenge #02634-G077: Putting it Together

(Based on experience with Harm-OCD)

The new human on board came highly recommended. They left every area they worked in cleaner and safer than it was when they started, seemed to always find and fix issues before they ever had a chance to become a problem, were quick to talk down anyone that started to become angry or frightened, and even seemed to never have issues with Silly-Seasons. The only issue was that they refused to work with Havenworlders…

Anytime they were around Havenworlders they would become quiet and place their hands behind their back. While never directly rude they would take any excuse they could to leave and often would never directly look at any Havenworlder near them. This gave them a unpleasant reputation despite being highly regarded for their skills.

This continues until a Havenworlder tries to bond with the "quiet human" by silently sitting next to them while they are reading. The human upon noticing the Havenworlder jumps away hard enough to knock the Havenworlder over. The Havenworlder is unharmed but the human is now obviously panicking whispering, "I'm sorry," to themselves repeatedly. -- Anon Guest

Humans can be very strange. Galactics know this. Pack-bonding with some is easier than with others. Conversely, bonding with some is harder than with others. Human Vae was one of the Humans who was difficult to bond with. They were hard-working, safety oriented, and tidy to a fault. They didn't participate in Silly Season. They didn't participate in anything.

When invited into social activities, they rarely responded at all. If they did respond, they were lucky to get a "No, thanks," when the default was, "maybe later." This was always delivered in an anxious mumble, and followed by their retreat to a different space in which to work. Usually something more confined, and increasingly difficult to access.

Companion Firrith consulted the latest update of the Human Manual, and logically deduced that Human Vae was one of the quiet ones, who could companionably share space and consider that a bonding activity. Firrith selected a space of Human Vae's downtime and occupied a roost inside Human Vae's personal space and joined them in the activity of reading through some form of media.

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