Bread Day part 2

Wholemeal flour rises REAL slow, so I give it the maximum possible time to do stuff. I'm worried that the dough is really dry.

Probably the third iteration of bread will be much better because I won't spill water on my surface and I'll know about a proper surface to flour and all that nonsense.

This lot will be better than the last lot. The next lot will be better than this lot. That's what progress is.

Speaking of progress, my breads are resting for a sum total of four hours, but three hours in, I am warming up the oven and the Dutch Oven within.

So that's theoretically time I can edit that firkin podcast.

I have no idea how this is going to go when quarantine is over and I have D&D night to deal with as well as a bunch of breads on Friday.

Onwards, one problem at a time!