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Tuesday, Patreon, Chapters, and Owwies

I borked my wrists by finishing off chapter 341, this morning. So I can't do my stretchies because the bracers prevent that mobility.

I'm still too dumb to make Stencyl do a thing. I'm going to direct copy the code from someone and untick my failcode to see if that works. Next week. This week, my lovely Patrons hear about all my efforts at failing.


I'm going to try and be gentle with myself today. Attempt to keep my offerings brief.

Let's see how well I do with that.

Monday, Backup Reads and Wrists

Remembering my stretchies is a trial. There's so many things I would rather do than stretchies. Including working out the second half of Chapter 340 of A Devil's Tale. I would rather try bashing my head against Stencyl again.

...I would really rather lie in and play games on my phone...

I'm having another incident of Morbs, and battling through a chapter where I don't know what I'm doing is not fun.

Doing all the dailies is not fun for me today.

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Sunday, Critical Misunderstanding

I thought I had to be up an hour earlier, today. Turns out, I should have been up an hour LATER.


I'll be on track next week.

THIS week, I shall be a wreck.

Again, whoops.

Also for the fun times, one of my plot centric players has dipped out and now I must reshuffle all my ideas. Whoopsy firkin doopsy.

I did my stretchies, put in another 20 chapters for the Advance Reader Copies of A Devil's Tale Book 3

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Saturday, Parkrun, Game Night, and Time Zones

I'm getting up an hour earlier because daylight savings in Europe. I just got back from both parkrun and a Leyland's Tour.

I really need to hurry through my offerings so I can get a proper rest because waking up at 2 fucking AM to run a VTTRPG sesh for four hours.

I am going to be firkin useless tomorrow. Be warned.

My workload for the foreseeable future includes:

  • Working on the summary for Beauties
  • Collating the Advance Reader Copy for book
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Friday, Progress to Crimbo

Okay. Drove Beloved to the station and discussed some interaction issues. Apparently I'm a wee bit on the underpredictable side so I can't always get the greetings I desire.

Meh, I enjoy sneaking up on her anyway. Keep her on her toes.

It may even be possible that my knack for turning invisible effects everyone. I am the chosen ninja moo-haha.

Thinking about my Puff Titles, if I was ever an Alfarell Noble. One of them would have to be The Accidentally

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Thursday, Sundry PLNs

I get Beloved to huggle during most of next week! So partly motivated to do at least a chapter a day. But also borkable wrists and reminding myself to take it easy.

The real problem with doing my stretchies is that I have to set a 30-second timer off while holding my hands in a specific and uncomfortable position. Whee fun.

My aims today:

  • The daily tale and meme as per every day
  • Finish a chapter of A Devil's Tale [currently working
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Wednesday, Comms breakdown, Wordpress, and Shenanigans

Optus is closing for maintenance today, so there's going to be communication issues and likely some even dodgier internet. If that happens, I have vinyl sorting to fall back on while I work on my nonsense.

I just now did my stretches, and got help closing off an automatic transfer that I never set up in the first place.

Because internet outage, Beloved is working at the office today. So much for the work at home plans. Ah well.

We're pulling our

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Tuesday, Patreon and OW

I have started my day with a cyclone headache. Whee fun.

I just used the stretches page I found before I started in with typing today. See how that goes. Tomorrow, I may actually follow the stretching instructions properly instead of going with what I felt was cool.

Even done wrong, it seems to be working.

I have a lot of things for my Patrons, but I really want to finish the chapter I started before I get on with that.


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Monday, Tale Foundry reads and wrist owwies

I have applied deep heat to my wrists and I shall be looking up pre-writing stretchies to try and bolster my wrists before I get into the writing thing.

I'm about to see if there's an app for that.

...nope. Warm-ups for running. Warm-ups for weightlifting. No warm-ups for nerdy soft ppl.

I found and bookmarked a helpful website that shows the stretchies.

Meanwhile, I have recently learned that some buttmunch hacked my PayPal account and drained my accounts. Yay. I've filed

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Stream

I have had some MASSIVE LAG so part of my PLNs today involve uploading the complete game stream. I might have to do the same with the story stream, too.

Depends on how behaviour the streaming goes.

I'm still awake at the moment, so I may stay awake long enough to make sure those files get there. Time, as always, will tell.

I'm currently watching the Tale Foundry and about to launch. I'll at least make a start on my thoughts for

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Friday, Busy Busy Bean

I have to get new underwear. Mostly because the old stuff fell apart way too easily. So now my super-fussy criteria goeth thusly:

  • 100% cotton
  • A structural integrity better than a wet tissue
  • Made of fabric thicker than the same
  • With no bits that are going to cause me physical harm

I expect a LOOOONNNNG firkin search for anything close. Because everything is made cheap and sold dear.

I despise late-stage capitalism.

That's going to take a bit of a while, so

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Thursday, Game Night

I'm battling the morbs, this morning. So much is not working, including my wrists.

I'm going to be working with speech to text, today. All the better to rest my poor wrists.

I can only continue at the moment because I have my bracers on extra tight. Which is, of course, excruciating.

I have to decide what I'm doing, when I'm doing and how I'm doing it. And, of course, the quote-unquote helpful app decides to turn itself off at moments it

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Wednesday, SIDEWAYS!

SO. Beloved mistook an appointment time and we had to rush to get her to the place to do thing.

The makeup PLN for tonight is to go shopping, get a bunch of treats, and have an indulgent bath and reading night.

I have done my reading for the day, and cooked up some carb-a-riffic soup to nom on. Makes up for me forgetting to eat, yesterday.

Yes, I am aware that I am a collection of bad habits in a trenchcoat.

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Tuesday, Patreon, Readings, and Pickup

All going well, I collect my Beloved for more cuddle times. Huzzah.

Chapter Count: Finished Chapter 335. So that means another spate of reading for Adorable.

...I did not make any adjustments in Stencyl, yet. Honestly, Patreon day reminds me to try things instead of putting them off.

Alas, the solution I found was not working. Further digging is necessary.

I will find a way to make it work. Eventually.

Speaking of 'eventually', I should get a wriggle on with the nonsense

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