Challenge #03921-J269: Optimal Performance Issues

The human had trouble staying on task. They were constantly distracted or would set their work aside "just a moment," and end up having to be reminded, albeit gently, of the work they still had to do.

(ADHD is more common than people think.) -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't have ADHD, but I do a remarkable impersonation thereof. I am willing to be wrong about this and therefore welcome any input with ADHD people who know the experience better than I]

Excellent at multitasking, the assessment said, and the notes from previous ships added, might need some friendly intervention.

Human Xyle could multitask. Ze could do several tasks at once. Different alerts to attend each task helped, but there was a limit. Three tasks, ze excelled. Five, ze was fine. Seven presented a minor difficulty, but more than that?

Something got put down and left there. Unless the Companion stepped in to remind them. Friendly intervention.

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