Tuesday, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, my dear readers, we bid farewell to the Tesla. Not only is it from a problematic source, it's also a problem for our budget.

We can't afford to wait ten years for the lack of petrol to pay off.

So we will be down to my Zippy Little Car and however much the fuel bill is going to be henceforth.

Tomorrow, I will be travelling. Getting the Tesla cleaned and serviced and otherwise ready for resale. Hooray. So my usual offerings will either be very very late, random, or turning up on Thursday.

I shall be doing my best.

So I'd best to be getting on with all of that.

In other news, I just had another Dummins Moment. The whole, "My meds work better when I take them" routine where I firkin forgot them for at least four days.

Hi. I'm your local idiot. I'll be making up fantasies for your daily entertainment.