Challenge #03922-J270: Sole Area of Genius

"How often do we have to go through this? I love you, you silly furball, but do NOT try sniff at my cactus! I don't HAVE any shelves higher and I'm tired of pulling thorns from your nose!" -- Anon Guest

Some cats, every cat person knows, reserve their brain cells for specific purposes. When it comes to that specific area of expertise, they're absolute little fluffy geniuses. For everything else... their brains may well be made of sawdust.

Case in point, a Ginger tabby named Barnabus. Affectionately known as "short bus" to his human, Jamie, for reasons that quickly become obvious the longer you get to know the little fluffy maniac. This is a cat who startles when said human turns on the light at night because he's surprised by his sudden shadow.

This is a cat who loses his food bowl when he kicks his mess mat over the top of it. A cat who can literally get lost in a paper bag. His singular genius, however, is in finding ways to smell Jamie's cactus. Which, as smarter minds know, is a very bad idea.

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