Wednesday, Proceeding Apace

The Tesla has been cleaned out. It's been detailed. Tomorrow, I take it over for inspection and that shall be the last we see of it.

I shall be taking the train mostly home and either walking or taking an Uber the last bit of the way back home.

Expect tomorrow's offering at a nonstandard time.

At midday tomorrow, we shall be a one-car family.

Now I shall proceed with my offerings and disorganised side-projects as per normal.

I will be making time henceforth to summarise my extant novels. And all the other prep work necessary to flick my things at publishers.

Need more moneys.

Gotta get paid to has moneys.

Gotta get published to get paid.

Gotta prep so I can get published.

Whee, whee, huzzah... [/sarcasm]

Onwards to those goals.