Challenge #04092-K074: Comfort and Succour

They awakened in an ICU drawer after a major accident required surgical intervention. However, they suffered claustrophobia. Their panicked, albeit weak, cries immediately alerted the medics. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Setting this in the early days of the ICU drawers, because systems are in place to detect distress before full consciousness is established]

For every problem, there is not a solution until it very much becomes a problem. Some solutions contain problems that can't be detected until somebody starts having one. Starting with the ironic statement that "space is valuable in space".

Every environment to sustain life has to be built. Everything else is called "planetside" where most of the luxuries of space are more humdrum.

People have had medical emergencies in space since the first species started traveling through it. They have needed medical intervention in the middle of nowhere, with only the tools available on board to work with. They have also needed somewhere safe to recover.

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