Challenge #04132-K114: Injured Ascendant

They were very sick, their body broken in ways that would never be able to recover by conventional means. Their family scraped together what funds they had to send them to the B'Nari, hearing they would help the poor and desperate for free. But the person was afraid.

"Will it... will it really be.. me? Or will I be dead and that... that body live on just thinking it's me? I don't want to die." -- Anon Guest

"You fear for your soul," said Medik-Counsellor Splint. "That's understandable. Those who believe in souls much prefer a new cerebral habitat. We can either clone your body without a brain and install yours inside, or create an artificial brain support system to your personal specifications. The procedure is... well, many consider it unnerving."

Human Oyt could not speak. With the help of an eye-tracker, they typed out, "I won't die?"

"We have very sophisticated brain support systems," soothed Splint. "A good half of them are keeping you alive right now. Don't worry, they're also maintaining your body as well. You have plenty of time to decide your fate."

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