Challenge #04015-J362: The Bright Side of Severe Injury

They lost their legs in a wreck, honestly didn't remember the wreck, when they awakened in the alien's craft. Oddly, without pain. The first thing the Aliens asked, what did their feet look like so they could replace them? How kind...wait what?? -- Anon Guest

"My feet are badly engineered. Honestly, glad to be rid of them," Human Funz. "Ever heard of bone spurs? Fallen arches? Rheumatism?" He counted these off on his fingers. "I had nasty things happening below the knee. Despite my best efforts."

"But... you're a deathworlder?" said Medik Truc tilted her head.

"Yeah, getting the advantage fast was more important than getting the advantage right. Deathworlder evolution is all about what works for long enough." Funz busied himself with his datareader. "These are real fun painkillers by the way. I can't feel a thing beyond my knees, but the brain's still passably functional. Ah. Here we go. The full catalogue."

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