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Challenge #02141-E312: Dread Deity

Praise be to the Tiny Snake God! -- TheDragonsFlame

Praise to Hyerish, the Dread Serpent. Fear that they judge you unworthy. Brave you must be to approach them. Sure of your heart, you need be, to lay your hand upon them.

The words ring the temple, where Hyerish resides. There is a definite snake motif in the decorations on it, in the tableaus and certainly on the clothing and body decorations of the local populace. The local populace who just happened to be the most fearsome warriors in the world, they never feared death because they had faced it in faith and passed its test, blessed be Hyerish...

Only the highest of the High Priests, the members of the secret sanctum, knew the ancient history of how the Snake God came to be the reigning deity of the region. It was there that the heroes gathered to know of Hyerish and report to the distant monarch of Fawaci as to whether or not these people and lands were a danger to her, her subjects, or her kingdom. So it was there, after some mandatory and difficult questing that the wandering heroes came to rest, recuperate, and listen as the most senior sage and the most junior member of the Sanctum related their secret histories.

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Challenge #01888-E064: Before a Fall

"I am unstoppable!!!"

slips on banana peel -- TheDragonsFlame

Hubris is always punished. It's a law of the universe. Get too egotistical, get too proud, get too vainglorious, and the universe will extract its taxes on your body, your soul, and everything you hold dear. Time is always good for this. Extracting the years day by day. Making those who were once strong, feeble. Making those in power jealously guard it until Death creeps up behind them and takes everything away.


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Challenge #00844-B113: In Vino, Vastitas

Now, I’m not a philosopher, but I AM drunk at this moment, so I’ll attempt to discuss philosophy within my own limited eckshp- expewir- …Stuff.

“Na, na, na, na, na, na. Y’ can’t do that,” said his drunken mate. “There’s a rule, right? Anything you attempt drunk, right? Anything… you try t’ do drunk… ‘S gonna end in d’saster.”

“She’ll be right, mate,” said Kevin. “Ph’los’phy’s jus’ words, innit? Can’t

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